October 3, 2023

Mauricio Pochettino, the former manager of Paris Saint-Germain, is slated to take over as Chelsea’s head coach for the 2023–24 season, meaning he will be back on the sidelines. The Argentine has missed this 2022–23 season after being fired last summer.

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Pochettino will still be expected to win titles at Chelsea, just as he was at PSG. Paul Gilmour of Sky Sports talked about Pochettino’s experience at PSG and how he thinks it will benefit him with Chelsea’s pricey roster.
“People jump on the fact that I didn’t win the league in his first season with PSG,” Gilmour stated. “There are a lot of things to get used to at a club like PSG, so I don’t type of get sucked in by all of that. Internal politics are very prevalent, therefore I suppose that could be a factor in the debate. Well, look at Chelsea, some will say. At Chelsea, you have to come in and handle everything. The fact that Chelsea has ownership at Stanford Bridge and a football setup there that is eager to collaborate with Pochettino and his coaching staff, in my opinion, makes a difference. And they talk it out before making any moves. “And I think everyone is becoming fairly excited, including Pochettino and his staff as well as those at Chelsea, as they think it through and weigh the pros and cons. Are they becoming more optimistic that their endeavor will succeed… But I do believe he will benefit from his time at PSG since it will just provide him with more experience and exposure to elite players of that caliber.
Pochettino has experience managing in the Premier League after stints at Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur. The strain of having made substantial transfer expenditures, however, is not present during those coaching assignments.

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Chelsea won’t hold off until Pochettino assesses the situation. The London-based club will want that he starts by winning championships considering that the new owner, Todd Boehly, fired Graham Potter after granting him a five-year deal worth more than £50 million and fired Thomas Tuchel.

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