October 3, 2023

Chelsea now has just two games left in their disastrous Premier League season.

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Thankfully, Chelsea fans’ agony is almost over, at least for the time being. They’ll be back on the field shortly, and I don’t think they’ll be much more confident this time around.
They were never expected to achieve a result at Manchester City’s title celebration at The Etihad yesterday, but there were still some really bad moments of play from players who appeared to have given up before the game even started.
Football London describes a scene in which player Enzo Fernandez became irritated with his teammates.

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They claim that in the 53rd minute, Enzo Fernandez became enraged with his teammates and the lack of options available to him. When Enzo looked up after entering the final third, he couldn’t see any of his teammates. Fernandez then furiously thrust his arms out to each side and searched around for his colleagues.

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