June 6, 2023

Victor Moses’ hopes of securing an escape route from Russia and returning to England have been blocked by the Premier League.

Relegation threatened Burnley had been keen to rescue the 31-year-old, who is currently playing for Spartak Moscow, from Russia which continues to wage war on Ukraine.

Moses remains cut-adrift from his family but had hoped the Premier League would show an element of compassion and allow him the opportunity to return to England, outside of the transfer window.

The former Nigeria international is considered out of contract until June 30 this year, and can be signed under special dispensation granted by FIFA and UEFA.

As yet, the Premier League has refused to comment but Sky Sport News reports Moses’ hopes of ending his exile in Russia have been turned down on the grounds of maintaining sporting integrity.

Spanish clubs, meanwhile, have been afforded the chance to recruit footballers affected by the war, while Sheffield United became the first English team to recruit a player – Filip Uremovic – as a result of his contract with a Russian team being temporarily suspended.

Former Finland captain Tim Sparv told SSN: ‘We need to do everything we can to help players get out of Russia, a country led by a dictator.

We need to give them the chance to go and play somewhere where they feel safe. This is a humanitarian issue.’

Ex-Chelsea star Moes has endured a nomadic career which has taken in spells at the likes of Wigan, Liverpool, West Ham and Fenerbahce.

Moses began his career at Crystal Palace and was signed by Chelsea in the summer of 2012 from Wigan Athletic.

The Nigeria international struggled to win over a succession of Chelsea managers but played a key role in the club’s 2017 Premier League title success after he was successfully converted to a wing-back by Antonio Conte.

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