June 5, 2023

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has revealed his side’s plans to reintegrate Callum Hudson-Odoi and Ben Chilwell into the west London side’s squad.

The pair have both had lengthy absences away from their squad, with Chilwell sidelined for most of the season due to an ACL injury.

Hudson-Odoi on the other hand disappeared from the squad all of a sudden due to achilles problems and has since struggled to recover.

Speaking ahead of his side’s midweek clash with Leicester, Tuchel revealed his side’s plans to reintegrate both Hudson-Odoi and Chilwell into the team.

“(Callum) Dropped out of the squad from one day to the other more or less,” he said at his side’s pre-match press conference“Still in individual training, progressing but not in team training.

“He will come early in pre-season like Chilwell to start a programme to be back on 2nd July with team training.”

Tuchel went on to describe his desire for Chilwell to return to the action, having missed him most of the season.

“We are desperate to have him back. He’s one of our key players. At the same time we are very impatient and happy that he is back and are looking forward to it, we are excited.

“At the same time we have to be patient. It was a big injury, a long time since he was out so hopefully he can reach his level as quickly as possible.

“He will need pre-season, our patience and our support. This will start from July onwards.”


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