June 6, 2023

Chelsea sale: 9 major players in bidding war as takeover deadline approaches

The Blues have been up for sale for a number of weeks now yet are no closer to a new owner after Roman Abramovich was the subject of sanctions from the UK Government.

Chelsea have been up for sale since the beginning of this month but are without a buyer as the deadline for official bids passes.

Roman Abramovich ended up desperate to cut ties and cash in on the club after he faced sanctions from the UK Government due to his ties with Russia President Vladimir Putin in the wake of his country’s invasion of Ukraine.

The oligarch failed to find a buyer before the sanctions came into play and as a result the sale of the club is being led by the US merchant bank Raine group alongside the British government.

Given the fact that money made from the club’s sale would no longer go to Abramovich, it is thought that the size of the offer is not the main priority for the Raine group.

Instead, they will focus on which potential owner would be the best fit for the club and urge each bidder to explain what they can bring to the table.


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