June 3, 2023


Roma striker Tammy Abraham has aimed a dig at his old manager Thomas Tuchel after admitting the end to his time at Chelsea was a low point in his career.

The England international is having a superb season at Roma after making the decision to leave Stamford Bridge last summer, with his move abroad looking like the right decision to get his career back on track.

Many Chelsea fans will be disappointed that Abraham didn’t get more of an opportunity under Tuchel, with Romelu Lukaku not proving a worthwhile replacement up front.

Blues supporters will also surely not be too impressed with how Tuchel handled the situation, with Abraham giving some insight into how hard he was trying to get back into the team, only to be continually overlooked.

Speaking to The Athletic about it, he said: “I’ll admit it was a very low point in my career. It did mess with me mentally for a bit. It got to a point towards the back end of the season where I was stropping, I was annoyed, because I’m working hard in training and I wasn’t getting the chances.

“I was doing the best I could, getting in early and finishing late, training drills, finishing drills, and still wasn’t getting a look in.

“I could understand if I wasn’t in great form or wasn’t training well or had a bad attitude. I just didn’t understand. I was working so hard. I was having players coming up to me saying, ‘You were unbelievable today in training’. That was the hardest part.

“No (Tuchel never explained). When I was there… I played in his first couple of games, I got an injury and after that the team started winning, they were getting points and doing well. I got back fit and from there I just didn’t get back into the team. That was his decision. I can’t fault him.”

Chelsea have made mistakes like this in the past, with Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne both leaving as youngsters before becoming star players for their rivals.

Abraham still has some way to go to reach that level, but the 24-year-old is starting to show signs of being another player CFC will live to regret letting go.

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