June 6, 2023

It seems as though Chelsea are wanting to get a transfer arrangement or two arranged before the following window is really near being open.
Even though, it seems to be this arrangement specifically is being figured out not in any event, for the January transfer window yet for the following summer.
As per BILD in Germany, as handed off in the article underneath, Christopher Nkunku from RB Leipzig is in substantial talks with Chelsea and has previously finished the cardiological clinical check for the move.
As we probably are aware, Chelsea has a strong fascination with Nkunku, and bits of gossip about this have been flowing throughout the summer. He as of late signed an expansion at Leipzig that includes a delivery statement that comes into play the following summer. Also, I surmise this is where Chelsea presently is figuring they can jump.

The reality we have proactively done the clinical, as per this report, at any rate, lets you know exactly the way that serious they are about this arrangement!

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