October 4, 2023

The Romelu Lukaku situation is as tedious as it gets, and today he was quoted flirting with Inter Milan while criticizing Chelsea.
This is possibly the most heinous of them.

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According to SportWitness, he always had a return to Inter on his mind, even when he returned to Chelsea. It’s an odd thing to say given that he just has two weeks left in Italy before returning to Cobham.

“I did well at Chelsea last season.” But I knew that if things didn’t work out at Chelsea, I still had Inter,” he remarked, according to SportWitness.
“I knew I belonged here when I signed again.” That happened to me at Anderlecht as well. This is a significant club for me. I want to give it my all. That is obvious to everyone here. “The best thing is to be encouraged here,” the striker concluded.
It’s all so ridiculous. If this is true, Lukaku should be ashamed for putting in half-hearted attempts at Chelsea without the devotion required to make it a success. If it’s a lie, he’s just burning further bridges at a club he’s already been quite disrespectful to, all to flirt with a team that can’t pay him anyhow.

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This guy has always been terrible news, and he doesn’t like it when we forget.

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