June 6, 2023

At least two Ukrainian negotiators were reportedly affected

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is suffering from symptoms of a suspected poisoning following the peace talks in Kyiv earlier this month.

The Russian businessman, who is part of the negotiations, has reportedly developed symptoms such as red eyes, constant and painful tearing, and peeling skin.

As reported by Wall Street Journal, there were also at least two senior members of the Ukrainian delegation who are suffering from the same symptoms.

According to various reports, the lives of Abramovich and the two negotiators are not in danger and their condition has improved in recent days.

Who perpetrated the attack?

The US media report that the attack was blamed on a group composed of members of the most radical wing of the Kremlin in their bid to sabotage the peace negotiations in Ukraine.

According to media outlet Bellingcat, another Russian businessman and Ukrainian MP Rustem Umerov had also been taking part in the peace talks.

What is Abramovich’s role in the negotiations?

His role remains unclear despite The Times having reported his movements on Monday. The Russian tycoon reportedly left Istanbul on Wednesday for a meeting in Moscow with Vladimir Putin, to whom he handed a handwritten note from Ukrainian President Zelensky outlining the terms for which Ukraine would consider accepting to end the war.

“Tell him that I will thrash them,” was Putin’s response.

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