October 3, 2023

Ricketts family takeover protest and the five reasons behind it ahead of Chelsea vs Brentford

The Rickets family are one of four groups in discussions over purchasing Chelsea.
Content creator MAH, Matisse Armani, has launched plans for a protest over the Ricketts family’s bid for Chelsea, to take place at Stamford Bridge ahead of the Premier League clash against Brentford. He has called upon the Youtube, Twitter and Instagram communities to push the gathering to meet at 12pm at Stamford Gate.

There has been a groundswell of opposition against the Ricketts Family across social media resulting in a #NotoRicketts campaign against the Chicago Cubs owners becoming Chelsea’s next custodians. Criticism of their proposed ownership centres around old Islamophobic comments made by the patriarch Joe in addition to two of his three sons.

The Chelsea Supporters trust have met with the takeover group but remain unconvinced over Ricketts’ ability to run an ‘inclusive, successful club’ and released a statement. However, Tom Ricketts has not been put off by the stance and says his family will redouble their efforts to persuade supporters.
Fan group ‘We are the Shed’ have also urged supporters to make use of the west London derby to make their feelings clear but their message is “DISTANCE YOURSELVES FROM BIGOTS OR DISTANCE YOURSELVES FROM CHELSEA!”. They hope anyone with issues will bring a banner to lift as the team enter the pitch on Saturday.

MAH hopes to see action before the game, however. He said on Twitter: ‘We can no longer just STAND AROUND we must now STAND TOGETHER!’ A moment in time that could alter the way your club operates for the rest of your lifetime. You’ve spoken online now speak outside. Bring your banners and signs. Keep the peace, to protect the point. 12pm. 2/4/22″

In outlining his reasons for the action he said: The protest against the Ricketts family and their bid for Chelsea Football Club is based on the following:
1) Pete Ricketts – “The problem I have with you people” when addressing black community leaders back in 2020. (NBC Sports Chicago)
2) In leaked emails, Joe Ricketts claimed that Muslims were enemies that Islam is a “thing of evil” and “not a religion”. The leaked emails also included denouncing Islam as a cult and mocking racist jokes. (Daily Mail, Yahoo Sports, MLB)
3) Todd Ricketts referred to COVID-19 as the “Kung-flu” weeks before former President Trump’s rally. (New Yorker)

4) Pete Ricketts is also against same-sex marriage which massively contradicts Chelsea FC’s work with the LGBTQ+ community. When speaking in 2013 about Laura Ricketts, a leader in Chicago’s “gay rights movement”, he said: “My sister is gay but I disagree with her on this issue”. (Advocate)

5) Despite Pete reportedly not being directly on the board, his public viewpoints being related back to Chelsea FC and tarnishing the club’s image is of great concern. We believe these points were overlooked, due to a working relationship that exists between the Raine Group and The Ricketts, a conflict of interest that has them make the shortlist. [The Telegraph, Times Sport]. We, therefore, call on the Government, Premier League and Chelsea FC to remove The Ricketts from the process.


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