October 5, 2023

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 18: Joao Felix of Chelsea looks on during the Premier League match between Chelsea FC and Southampton FC at Stamford Bridge on February 18, 2023 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Craig Mercer/MB Media/Getty Images)

Managers confront various considerations when it comes to squad selection, all of which can have a big influence on the result of a match. One such debatable issue is whether Frank Lampard should start Joao Felix versus Bournemouth. In this blog article, we’ll look at why Lampard should consider starting Felix and explore the positives he may offer to the squad.

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Potential and Playing Style of Joao Felix
With his remarkable exploits, Joao Felix, the rising Portuguese superstar, has made ripples in the football world. He is a strong force in the game as an offensive midfielder or striker with great technical ability, vision, and creativity. His ability to dribble past opponents, find critical passes, and score goals make him an important member of any squad.

Threatening offensively and scoringoals

g Felix’s attacking danger and goal-scoring ability are one of the key reasons Lampard should start him. Felix’s innate feeling for finding the back of the goal may substantially contribute to the team’s offensive success. His presence on the field offers more chances for his teammates to score and puts pressure on the opposing defense.

Making Room and Opening Up Defenses
Joao Felix’s agility, speed, and ability to make decisive runs may open up defenses and create space. Defenders might struggle to deal with his movement off the ball and savvy placement. Lampard can provide a dynamic aspect to the team’s attack by starting Felix, giving them more alternatives to break through strong defenses like Bournemouth’s.

Tactical Versatility and Flexibility
Another element to consider while considering whether to start Felix is his adaptability. He can play as a center offensive midfielder, a second striker, or even a wide forward. Lampard may use Felix’s versatility to change the team’s tactics dependent on the game’s flow. This adaptability might help you keep the upper hand against a side like Bournemouth.

Youthful Vitality and Enthusiasm
The addition of Joao Felix to the starting lineup would provide the squad with youthful energy and passion. His will to achieve and make an effect on the game may inspire the entire team. Furthermore, his presence in the club might encourage other young players and contribute to their growth, promoting a strong team spirit and dynamic playing style.

Team Chemistry has improved.
Team chemistry is critical to the success of any football team. When players get along well, they may put up a seamless and coherent performance. Lampard can help Joao Felix establish on-field connections with other offensive players like Mason Mount, Christian Pulisic, and Timo Werner by starting him. This enhanced camaraderie can unleash the team’s offensive prowess and result in more goals.

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Possibility of Winning a Match
It is not uncommon for a flash of brilliance to decide the fate of a vital match. Joao Felix can deliver game-changing performances and has the match-winning capability. His brilliance may be the difference in a close game, and his selection in the starting lineup against Bournemouth might be the trigger for a win.

With Joao Felix’s talent, attacking danger, adaptability, and youthful enthusiasm, Frank Lampard should seriously consider starting him against Bournemouth. Lampard can reinforce the team’s offense, generate scoring opportunities, and improve the squad’s overall performance by employing Felix’s specific skill set. While the manager has the final say, playing Joao Felix might be a smart choice that pays benefits in producing a favorable outcome for his club.



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