June 3, 2023

Nancy Pelosi has spent millions in taxpayer dollars to travel the world for years. And she has been using American military aircraft to do it.

She treats the U.S. Air Force like it’s her own personal airline, making trips to Italy, Ukraine and to her home in San Francisco. Many of these trips included personal friends and family members.

On top of that, Speaker Pelosi spent over $100,000 on lavish inflight expenses that include gourmet food and alcohol. All on the taxpayer dime.

Sign the petition now to help Judicial Watch expose the full truth about Nancy Pelosi’s out of control travel abuse of taxpayer dollars.

Nervous Nancy has been filling her pockets with our hard-earned tax dollars. While doing so she has wasted even more of our money and precious time with hoax after hoax. She has done absolutely nothing for the American people. Pelosi is SUPER corrupt and should pay us back!

When a government becomes so treasonously Corrupt and comprised that it feels they can do anything they want
and no longer have the ability to Hold themselves Accountable, then the people will rise and set things straight.

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