October 2, 2023

Armando Broja, a striker for Chelsea, has been out with a knee injury since December and is hoping to return during the forthcoming preseason.
According to football. London, Armando Broja plans to make his preseason comeback from the catastrophic knee injury he sustained in December.

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The 21-year-old sustained the injury in December during Chelsea’s midseason friendly matchup with Aston Villa in Abu Dhabi. After tests revealed an anterior cruciate ligament rupture, Broja needed surgery.
Before becoming hurt, the Albanian striker had made 18 appearances for Chelsea across all competitions. He was unable to play the rest of the 2022–23 campaign. Broja, though, is now planning to return from the catastrophic injury during the summer’s preseason.
Roja returned to the grass in April to participate in a few brief individual sessions. This was possibly the largest step forward he has made in his recovery process thus far. In an interview with Chelsea’s website in April, Broja discussed the challenges of his seven-month absence and the psychological challenges such an injury presents.
The Albanian remarked, “I still don’t get it. It does affect your thoughts. I had only ever suffered a few small injuries here and there, and I had always been a relatively healthy young man, so it was a tremendous shock. My parents were even more shocked because they had never seen me hurt before. I was confined to a bed following surgery for roughly two weeks. One of the darkest times of my life occurred then. It was awful. I was unable to get out of bed. My mother was rushing around the house to get my food and medications for me. It was difficult. You nearly feel like a loser. You wish you could do things, but you simply

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cannot. Sleep eluded me. I was hurting. The events of the day were continually in my thoughts. “I had to take a step back from it. I was thinking about ways I could have avoided that, even though that wasn’t a smart thing to do. I have to let it go and start just concentrating on getting back in shape. The reversal will be preferable to the setback, as the saying goes.


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