October 3, 2023

Most of the groups looking to buy Chelsea Football Club will have positives and negatives about them, and some are favoured more than others.

But there is one group that has got Chelsea fans collectively thinking and saying the same thing, and pulling in the same direction against them getting the club. For Chelsea fans to all collectively agree with something hardly ever happens, so this should tell you all you need to know about the group in questions.

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The Ricketts Family, who own Chicago Cubs, are entirely disliked by Chelsea fans and they have made their feelings fully clear about that from the start. There is no way at all that if they get the club, Chelsea fans will ever let it rest. I would expect heavy and regular protests if the shockingly unthinkable happens.

According to Simon Johnson of The Athletic though, they are the only group who have not increased their original offer to buy Chelsea, so let’s hope that throws them way down the list now. We don’t want them ANYWHERE near our club #NoToRicketts.


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