October 5, 2023

Lead Prosecutor for Robert Mueller Rips the Mask Completely

Somethings have been buried for long but you can’t hide the truth.

There have been a lot of villains at the Department of Justice over the years, with no shortage of “public servants” who have abused their power. Yet, Andrew Weissmann stands tall above the rest, at least in the last few decades.


Weissmann first became a national figure as part of the Enron Task Force where he engaged in prosecutorial misconduct so egregious that numerous convictions were overturned. Unsealed documents later showed that he and his team intimidated witnesses and attempted to interfere in the attorney-client relationship of a witness. Weissmann also took down the accounting firm Arthur Anderson before eventually being slapped down by the Supreme Court.


What was left in the wake of Weissmann’s crusade? Destroyed companies, people put in prison that shouldn’t have been there, and thousands of lost jobs. And what was his punishment? He received an award for excellence from the DOJ.


Unfortunately, Weissmann’s partisan rancor didn’t end there. Years later, he would be appointed as the lead prosecutor for the Robert Mueller special counsel investigating Donald Trump. What followed was years of targeted leaks in an attempt to destroy a political opponent before Mueller and his cronies finally washed their hands of the matter. And what was Weissmann’s punishment? He retired with full benefits in order to go start a media career, becoming a regular on MSNBC.


What a failed political stooge he has been, but to think the Democratic party actually brought him in to take down Trump is actually laughable. 


The dude is only good at wasting resources and that is evident in the Bob Mueller case. After 2 years and over 20 million dollars spent, there was no connection found between the Trump Campaign and the Russians. 


But what is most baffling for the public is that, Americans are still waiting for an apology for the steps taken by public office holders to mislead the nation.

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