June 3, 2023

Some would say its outrageous while a whole lot of people who don’t know and or don’t care how much the royal family spends just for being royal.
Critics often claim that the presence of a monarch is not necessary but a royal commentator has justified how the UK greatly benefits from having to pay their taxes to the government for the royal family to use.

According to Richard Fitzwilliams, while speaking to Daily Star, the royal family’s power has brought ample benefits to the country in terms of business and relations with other countries.

He told the publication: “There is the benefit of the use of the royals when they go abroad as the ultimate in soft power.

“Such trips have enormous benefit for British business.

“The Commonwealth links are highly significant, with the monarch at the head of an association of 54 states.

“There is also the huge tourist potential, obviously there are security costs, but the official cost, £1.24 per person per year – currently including the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace – is a bargain.”
But with all the tax payers money being spent, I wonder if its for what the royal family have done for the people or its just for being royal and let’s not talk about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle royal interest.

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