October 5, 2023

Chelsea will be hoping Mauricio Pochettino can spark a comeback to the top echelons of the competition after this season’s struggles sent them tumbling into the bottom half of the Premier League.

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There have been many problems that have kept Chelsea in the bottom half of the Premier League standings and without any notable success thus far. It makes sense that critics will point to the numerous adjustments made behind the scenes and the quick succession of transactions that resulted in a crowded roster vying for playing time.
Performances have ultimately fallen short throughout the season. Frank Lampard, though, has had a recurring theme since he took over as interim manager more recently. The Blues manager has questioned the team’s capacity to compete physically for the full 90 minutes of a game.
The 44-year-old has wanted to improve this during his brief tenure in command. His assessment appears to divide responsibility between players and the club.
A yard short, a tackle short, a fighting duel moment short, and when that’s not correct you’re not going to win games, he stated after the loss to Brighton. You need to have both the capacity and the desire to accomplish that, and right now, we’re falling short and need to fast improve.
Later, he continued, “I believe the squad needs some physical effort when we do have the opportunity to work. That’s crucial, in my opinion, because we aren’t currently operating at our limit, which is required at this level. For whatever reason, I believe that might be a player capacity issue. No matter how we got there, the issue must be resolved right away.
However, it doesn’t seem like much progress has been made because after his team lost to Arsenal, Lampard reflected on his team’s challenging first half and the areas where they fell short. After a few weeks on the job, it seems the former Chelsea player had admitted that this is a problem that can only be resolved in the long run.
“I believe it is a mental desire to approach people,” he stated. It also begins with having the ability to accomplish it. If you haven’t been exercising and doing those things, you won’t be doing them on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, or any other day you choose to discuss. We are currently witnessing that when those things become you as a group, they don’t alter overnight.
With only three games left in the season, Chelsea will soon have the chance to put into action a strategy that can address the problems. Mauricio Pochettino is anticipated to take over as Chelsea’s manager. His style necessitates strict fitness for players to succeed, and his Tottenham and Southampton teams have consistently ranked among the Premier League’s top teams in terms of distance traveled.
The 51-year-old coach will have evaluated any weaknesses and undoubtedly put a strategy in place for preseason to bring the rest of the team up to speed. It will undoubtedly put players’ motivation to perform to the test.
Tanguy Ndombele spoke with Football. London in February 2021 about how Mauricio Pochettino’s preseasons are challenging. Just a few weeks after joining Tottenham, the 26-year-old midfielder began to consider a move back to France.

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It was quite difficult. I recall even calling my pals in France to tell them I wanted to return, and he acknowledged it.
It was extremely difficult, but perhaps that’s what I needed. I had to adjust to that kind of labor, that kind of training, and eventually become used to it.
Pochettino will need to make a turnaround before the start of the following season since the team has reached the stage where it is unable to compete as a unit. The team’s preseason will be put to the test, and it will reveal which personalities the former PSG coach wants to remain around.

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