October 3, 2023

Hunter Biden’s Attorney Was Partners with Top DOJ Attorney Nicholas McQuaid

Hunter Biden has been exposed to be working with the Democrats again after a huge discovery by the New York Post. 

On Monday The New York Post reported that a top DOJ Attorney Nicholas McQuaid was partners with Hunter Biden’s Attorney Chris Clark.

Nicholas McQuaid was later named acting head of the Justice Department’s criminal division on Jan 20, 2021 — the day President Biden was inaugurated.

What are the Democrats hiding from Americans?

The deep rooted corruption in Joe Biden’s family is stinking and glaringly obvious for all to see.

According to Meaww — In December 2020, Hunter hired former federal prosecutor Chris Clark to assist with his federal criminal defense, who has worked alongside McQuaid at Latham & Watkins.

In April 2013, McQuaid worked as a White House lawyer during Barack Obama’s presidency… McQuaid has served as a partner at Latham & Watkins, where he worked closely with Clark on multiple cases.


McQuaid arrested conservative Twitter user Douglass Mackey in 2021 on junk charges — Mackey was charged with “election interference” after posting tweets Douglass Mackey, from West Palm Beach, Florida, was arrested on January 27, 2021, on charges of conspiring with others in advance of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Mackey posted a funny meme before the 2016 election. Something Democrats also did. Only Mackey was arrested.

McQUaid arrested the conservative — but let the Democrats off without charges for the same “crime.”

Charlie Hurt went on FOX News to discuss these new revelations.

On Monday morning President Trump posted on this latest development on Truth Social.

President Trump:  The fired FBI Agent, it was just reported, was given the Laptop from Hell 11 days before the Presidential Election. He would NOT reveal it to anyone, knowing it would knock Biden out of the race – wouldn’t even be close. The Election was RIGGED, the FBI is corrupt!!!

President Trump:  Also Just Out: The Top Department of Justice lawyer was partners with Hunter’s attorney! The whole thing is one giant SCAM!!! Redo the Crooked Election!!! Great work by Charlie Hurt.

What are the Democrats hiding? 

This will come back to bite Biden in the ass. Should Hunter be convicted, it will be the end of the Biden administration.


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