October 3, 2023

Chelsea has several issues to work through this summer, and one of them is nearing its deadline.
Romelu Lukaku will reportedly meet with Chelsea after representing Inter Milan in the Champions League final to talk about his future and his career goals. There have been some hints that the new manager, Mauricio Pochettino, may be willing to welcome Romelu Lukaku back to his team, but I don’t believe Lukaku would be excessively eager to do so.
Does he still have a job at Chelsea? Blues guru Frank Leboeuf disagrees.

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I think he knows he won’t be successful here, so he’s already declared he doesn’t want to come back, the great said in his most recent exclusive and in-depth Chelsea FC essay for Si & Dan Talk Chelsea today. He shouldn’t return since, in my opinion, he has already made up his mind. If you no longer wish to play for a club, then stop playing, and the team must take all necessary measures to get rid of him. Although I am aware that he was very wealthy, get rid of him because he doesn’t want to be here. What’s the point when fans will be enraged and will boo him as soon as he plays a poor person and there will be a major drama? Try to get rid of him, then shake his hand and wave him off. I love Lukaku, and I truly hope that he will be successful and happy at Inter so that we can get someone else. I wish him the best.

Safeguard Your Assets, Embrace Peace of Mind

To be honest, it’s difficult to disagree with this. that would want a player that is not interested in playing here any longer? I most definitely wouldn’t. It would only function IF he wanted to return, which is not the case.


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