October 4, 2023

When Chelsea plays Manchester City, Frank Lampard thinks his team has many reasons to be motivated and says his young players may learn from the future of the Premier League title favorites.
After Chelsea’s match against Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge ended, many believed Chelsea’s season was gone. Little could be accomplished in the league, and the hope of competing in the Champions League was doomed for the foreseeable future.

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It seems to sense that is destined for a finish in the bottom half of the table is difficult for supporters to accept or get excited about when you’re used to contending for titles and trophies. Jeopardy has already been endured, and with three challenging matchups remaining, there is little to motivate players.

If Arsenal loses against Nottingham Forest, Manchester City might already have the Premier League title locked up before the first kickoff. Frank Lampard doesn’t care much about the championship race either way.
Chelsea, however, are in a crucial position. Any number of players might be close to making their final appearance for the club, and they will soon have a new permanent boss. The West London team must reduce its size; while some of its stars may desire to depart, the majority will continue to play to somehow secure their future. Lampard feels that his team may draw inspiration from this.
“No, they [dead games] are not, by any means,” he responded. They should take that, in my opinion. Whatever their motivation, whether it is to impress a new manager or a potential new club, if that is the incentive they require, they should take it and apply it. Because these are three extremely difficult games—three against the top four—and two of them—beginning with City—will be played away from home, I believe there are two possible perspectives for players. You might say, “Don’t fancy that because it will be too difficult,” or you can say, “No, no, I’m going to individually demonstrate what I can do in a game, to demonstrate.” And now that I’ve been here, I can tell with certainty that some of the players will accomplish that. I’m interested in seeing whether the other people want to come. Simply said, in terms of effectiveness.
There are several Blues players whose positions will be scrutinized. Mateo Kovacic and others like him have been linked to moves to Premier League opponents, but they are far from the only ones. Although they have previously had to let players go due to their depth, Chelsea will try to avoid bolstering their competitors.
Kevin De Bruyne, the opponent this weekend, underwent the procedure before leaving Stamford Bridge in 2014. Despite not confirming if the Blues would have to sell to their rivals, Lampard pointed out two qualities that have aided the Belgian midfielder in his development.


“I don’t know the answer to that,” he remarked. That is a club response. I only know Kevin is an excellent player. We were a little crowded there at that time. Eden, Mata, and Schurrle were present, and to be fair, I recall Kevin having a genuine drive and appetite for the game. I’m not personally aware of what transpired at the time between him, the team, and the manager. I understood his need to display his talent, and I could respect that. He has grown stronger over time. That likely understates his remarkable ascent as a player. I enjoy seeing him play in the middle of the field to create chances for goals and assists. His passing range and weight are among the finest in the league, if not the greatest.
As much as that can serve as motivation for any player, Lampard believes that if Pep Guardiola’s team wins the Premier League championship on Sunday, his younger players will dig deeper to find the lessons they need to take away.
The only source of motivation, according to Lampard, should be the journey Manchester City took to get to where they are now. “Not the time when you raise the cup It concerns the journeys of Kevin De Bryune, Haaland, Gundogan, and Stones. A player must comprehend that the cup-lifting moment is the result of years of events.
“Against all odds, how hard they work, whatever it is. That group puts in a lot of effort. When one participant stops giving it their all, another one enters. The players need to be aware of that. Respect should be shown during the trophy lift. Another is to comprehend why they are raising it.

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Since he joined the team, Lampard has been eager to rectify his team’s inability to exert toughness and provide a fierce opponent. It is the bare minimum for a side that wants to win.
They must consider it, he remarked. I’ve been beating it into them. At this training facility, there are images of people lifting prizes who are over 20 years old all down the hallways. They must realize that trophy lifting is the climax of all your weekend and weekday activities. from your preparation, training, and appearance. training at a level that will carry over to the field. You get the photos on those walls because you get all of that right. The essential point is that. Before the basic part is there, the strategies and smaller details are not important.

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