June 3, 2023

First rejections of Chelsea bids could come today

It was made very clear that Friday at 9pm was the deadline for bids for Chelsea, but what is less clear is when it will be announced which bid is the winner.

We had heard rather hopeful noises about a Monday announcement, but today Football.London are making it very clear that while some bids may well be rejected today, it will only be that.

We forsee the first bids being rejected pretty easily, while the final group of 3 or 4 will likely take a little longer to separate, and may well be played against each other.

Given that several of the consortia bidding for the club have claimed that they can complete a takeover by the time we play our next Premier League game (against Brentford on April 2nd), they must be expecting a fairly fast resolution this week, but the last thing we want is a rushed job.

Let’s not forget, the government will also have to approve the deal, and there’s no telling how long that might take.


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