October 3, 2023

Before Sunday’s game against Chelsea, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola talked to the media on Friday afternoon.
The manager of Manchester City has a lot to be pleased about after his team won a thrilling 4-0 victory over Real Madrid on Wednesday to advance to the Champions League final.

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The Blues might win the Premier League title this weekend if Nottingham Forest defeats Arsenal or if Manchester City triumphs over Chelsea the following day, which would be even better.
The manager has made it plain the match is a must-win in his eyes, so it will be intriguing to watch if Guardiola makes any changes to his team after such a taxing encounter in the middle of the week and with the title all but won.
Here, you may read what Guardiola had to say.
observing Forest?
I don’t believe it. We might have breakfast. We have a game the next day, therefore I don’t believe that. Chelsea is due for it. We need to believe that we must win to be champions, since we cannot control Nottingham, in my opinion. No matter what occurs in Nottingham, we must complete our tasks and triumph in our competition.
Three days later, we have Brighton, and Brighton may be a big deal if you’re not yourself, so “I don’t have it” [a bottle of champagne on ice]. At the end of the season, we can throw a party. If we succeed tomorrow, we may party with our supporters at the stadium. Have no time for the team.
Ever question England’s capacity to deliver? I never imagined how much I adore myself. I think I do a good job of loving myself, but there are still expectations. I’m here without any demands, so do whatever you want. With the players and people here, I could never have imagined accomplishing what we have in the Premier League. After 5, 6, and 7 games in the PL, I’ve realized how difficult that is. Players and teams, learn quickly. Try to arrive a little better each day. Every day was a bit better. We may succeed if we perform better than we did yesterday. “You never think how the season is going to go at the beginning. We now know that there are three games left to win every crown. How we may effectively prepare for and go to these games. Every victory we have makes the next game easier. Quickly winning the Premier League benefits the FA Cup and Champions League games that follow. I want the squad to maintain its concentration. The greatest praise when you win, catastrophe when you lose. We cannot ignore the truth. Aston Villa and United are the facts. Chelsea didn’t have the season they had hoped for, but Chelsea is Chelsea. The players are present, and the table is not confusing to me. We’ll be there, just as in the previous weeks. can celebrate a special occasion both at home and abroad. Football is an emotional sport, therefore if we can play at home, we should.
Does the City receive the praise they merit? Yes. Absolutely. People are aware of its difficulty. opponents are aware, managers. We are almost there, but the PL is not yet ours. Informed of it.”
Do you think you could win the championship with a few more games? No, not after witnessing Arsenal in the first leg. Hopefully, when we play Arsenal at home, we will defeat them and move up the standings. They won, Brighton defeated them, and we have won 11 straight games. enables us to participate. People believed that we had two or three months to win if we wanted to compete for the PL at the conclusion. That allows us to be at our best.
“When you are in one season, you can’t play a season the level we play today,” said the player who brought about the unbeaten streak. Don’t give up, wait, and don’t be far from the top of the league. arrive in the knockout rounds at the perfect time. The Southampton CC game was the worst in seven years since not much changed in the way we play. It’s common to have to dodge the opponent. If you can’t maintain stability, you can’t be 85 points with 9 games left. Without you being constant, it’s almost 90 once more.
Which is tactically the hardest season? The team’s involvement can occasionally depend on the problems that the opposition causes. 7 years cannot be played the same way twice. We used to utilize a fake 9 but now we play with Erling because you have different players. And because they are familiar with you and have learned your secrets, the two defenders don’t play similarly. You must develop a new counter system because they do one. Alexander-Arnold, who formerly played for Liverpool outside, now plays inside. To stop them from assaulting, opponents discovered a solution. Perhaps adversaries figure out how to defeat TAA inside. I wish I could say we always played in the same manner, but that wasn’t the case. You must understand for opponents that it’s not the same players and not because it’s anything fresh.
The significance of mindset “They show frequently, and because we won, we discuss mentality. When we lose, I defend the squad because I don’t believe it. We have the same mentality as last year when we played Madrid. Arsenal first has a game left on our schedule, therefore we have a chance to make up eight points. Since they dropped, we realized we had to win the game. It wouldn’t be conceivable if Arsenal maintained the pace of the first leg. Points are dropped, and we were there. This title means a lot to us. Does it mean more than the other titles? No. We cannot argue that winning against Liverpool was simpler. In no way. The top six were closer together. I watched Newcastle vs Brighton to see how well they played given they are one game away from the CL. Newcastle is there on merit. Since there are more people, I can’t say whether this one was harder or easier. Always such a challenge.
Blasting Grealish while appreciating Grealish
“The Kevin action” We both yell, “I love it!” together. I enjoy it. I like this vibe, even though it might be a touch flat at times. You cannot see it, but he has yelled at me during training before. What we need is this. He then rises to the top. Kevin and Gundo both dropped the ball when we didn’t need them to. Controlling the game, dropping them, and turning them were discussed at HT. No, we didn’t. Kevin makes a fantastic assist while remaining composed. Instead of running, Jack joined the passes and helped the team. We can do that because it’s football. To compete, several things must take place.
Getting close to another title
I feel like a manager and a part of something. I’m not puzzled; I never believe it is mine. We cannot deny that I am a part of that. The players are the most powerless thing without the amazing decisions made by the sporting director and board. After last weekend, I’m incredibly happy we have a chance to win it again. When we lose SFs or finals, I’m not the only one who bears responsibility.
The city performs in crucial situations
“We’ve done it numerous times; there’s no disputing that the best team in these competitions is in the Champions League semifinal. In 13 years, they have performed in 11 semi-finals. Doing it in their face provides us assurance and credibility. We’ve done it at home against top teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, and United. We consider our employees to be strong and secure.
The Premier League is the center of attention. when we play United and are up 2-0 at halftime but lose. Twenty minutes from losing the game: Aston Villa. Emotions can take various forms. No one can divert us. We won’t be able to pardon ourselves. Aim for a strong finish by concentrating on every game until the end of the campaign.

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been better since Wednesday? Quieted down? It’s nonstop, and we are naturally happy to participate in the CL championship game. It’s nonstop, and the hardest part is about to come. Tennis players claim that winning Wimbledon requires the hardest serve. We have the opportunity to win the most significant tournaments on Sunday. Every week for the past 10 or 11 months. We are fortunate to be able to finish at home with our family and friends. We must accept it.

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