June 5, 2023


Everton fans had a plan but the execution did not deliver on its intention

Being awoken in your sleep is a pet peeve. I can only imagine how irritated the Chelsea players would have been ahead of their match against Everton.

The night before the match, the Chelsea team was visited by Everton fans outside of their hotel. It was late at night when fans were reported to be making noise and setting off fireworks in an attempt to disrupt Chelsea’s sleep. It wasn’t as successful as hoped, according to Thomas Tuchel.

Pre-match, the Chelsea boss said, “Woke up twice. That was the target. Turned on the other side after one minute and continued my sleep, so not a big impact.”
Everton is currently fighting for their lives in the relegation zone and will need all the help that they could possibly get. Fans decided to take matters into their own hands. Considering that the Blues are visiting their home turf, it was a solid opportunity to cause a disruption.

Jorginho was also awoken. Speaking to Sky Sports prior to the league match, he described the disruption as “noisy”.

“We were aware that this would happen, and we just tried to sleep again and be ready today”.

Chelsea takes on Everton in the 2pm fixture. Three points for the Blues is one step closer to locking their position in the top-four. A win for the Toffees helps in their escape from the relegation zone.

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