June 7, 2023

Conservative commentator Candace Owens is suggesting th

at the U.S. and NATO are “at fault” for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat and  invading Ukraine.

Owens took to Twitter criticizing America’s involvement in Russia and Ukraine’s conflict. In a televised speech Monday, Putin described Ukraine as “historically Russian land” that was stolen and that its government officials are being used as puppets by Western countries.

“I suggest every American who wants to know what’s *actually* going on in Russia and Ukraine, read this transcript of Putin’s address,” said Owens in a quote retweet. “As I’ve said for month—NATO (under direction from the United States) is violating previous agreements and expanding eastward. WE are at fault.”

The tweet Owens quoted was described as “The official transcript of Putin’s speech in the UN Security Council,” however, the link actually directed to a transcription of Putin’s Russian Federation Security Council meeting held Monday at the Kremlin.

The meeting aired on television and came after the Security Council meeting that same day, still addressing the U.S. and NATO’s involvement in the conflict. He said Ukraine was built by Russia and has little to no culture or identity outside of Russia.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens is suggesting that the U.S. and NATO are “at fault” for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat to invade Ukraine.

Putin then accused the U.S. of using Ukraine to halt Russia’s expansion.
“We also know the main adversary of the United States and NATO,” Putin said. “It is Russia. NATO documents officially declare our country to be the main threat to Euro-Atlantic security. Ukraine will serve as an advanced bridgehead for such a strike.”

Owens highlighted Putin’s complaints about the U.S., saying America has a history of being the “aggressor” in past wars.

“If you think America has never been the aggressor in war— you are not “pro-American” you are pro-ignorance,” Owens wrote. “And your ignorance costs American lives. Stop listening to mainstream media. Start studying energy policy. Read transcripts from ALL world leaders to discern truth.”

Owens made quite a few Tweets expressing her views, some of which were widely criticized.


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