November 30, 2023
Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard

Former Chelsea star Eden Hazard has been blunt about the fact that he does not miss playing football, a month on from his retirement, admitting that he ‘was no longer playing already’, referencing his final months at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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Hazard, who currently remains the most expensive player in Real Madrid’s history, reached an agreement to terminate his deal with the club a year early in the summer. But after failing to find an attractive project, decided to bring his career to an end several months later.

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The ex-Chelsea forward was asked how life is by TNT Sports, as carried by Diario AS.

“It’s perfect. I enjoy life and family with children. I can do what I want, and it’s a perfect life. The decision was simple. In life you can’t explain everything. I’m at peace with myself. Now I’m happy. I have so many things to do outside of football that I was able to make a calm decision.”

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Eden Hazard explained that his decision was motivated by the fact that he was no longer having fun in his job.

“I still watch football on TV when I can. I also do other things, but at the moment I don’t miss playing football. Let’s see in a few months. I had always said that I would stop playing as soon as I stopped having fun on the field. I didn’t want to go anywhere else for money. It was the best solution. I no longer enjoyed training… and I was no longer playing.”

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It is easy to see how a player who is financially comfortable, and has achieved plenty in their career, would become disillusioned with the modern game. Footballers are constantly in the public eye, rarely at home for more than a week at the top level of the game, and scrutinised for their every move.

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