October 3, 2023

It is now even more important to address our problems up top because Chelsea has had a deal in place to sign attacker Christopher Nkunku since pretty much the end of last summer.

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We haven’t seen as much of France great as we’d like to have because he was injured and missed the World Cup and the entire middle of the season.

But he has managed to regain his form in recent months, and today he celebrated by scoring in RB Leipzig’s 3-1 victory over Thomas Tuchel’s Bayern Munich to help his team widen the Bundesliga title race.

Ironically, Tuchel was our manager when we decided to sign Nkunku, and now the forward is ruining the season of our former manager.

Nkunku appears to have been unaffected by the injury because he still possesses plenty of speed and intelligence. He has a stellar Lionel Messi-like record of 25 goals in 27 games this season.

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He would be our standout player if he performs even half as well in the Premier League.

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