October 3, 2023

Thomas Tuchel shuts down rivals as Manchester United hijack long term Chelsea transfer target

If hijacking Chelsea’s manager wasn’t enough, how about their highly-rated midfielder. Luckily he ‘prefers’ a Chelsea move.

I have the utmost respect for Manchester United, one of the country’s most successful clubs and a firm resident of Europe’s most elite. Sir Alex Ferguson has done absolute wonders to become football’s most iconic manager of all time.

Having said this, it’s with respect that I ask the club to please leave Chelsea alone. There are two things that Chelsea fans want in this life, One is for Thomas Tuchel to stay for the long haul, and the other is to sign Declan Rice this summer. Both are a necessity, yet Man United have been lurking around trying to pull them from our grasp

Like a wise young Disney princess once said, let it go!

Rice has been a Chelsea fan target since 2020. The desperate attempts to bring the young Englishman back to his roots in west London have led to this moment.
Before the sanctions imposed on Roman Abramovich, the Blues were making good headway on securing Rice’s signature in the summer. Manchester United was signalling their interest in the West Ham captain, but all the roads led to Chelsea.
The Blues’ first order of business is to secure a new owner before even thinking about any new signings for the near future. They must look for someone who shares Chelsea’s same vision when they first registered interest in the 23-year-old.

Manchester United also has to focus on replacing their current manager, who is set for a consulting role by summer. Seeing as Tuchel has already shut down the possibility of a move, they will have to turn their attention elsewhere. I hear Erik ten Hag and Mauricio Pochetino are currently looking.

Anything can happen at this stage. Heck, Tuchel can still possibly end up in Manchester as nothing in football is for certain. All we know is that he prefers to stay at Chelsea. Tuchel isn’t the only person who prefers blue over red.

According to the Evening Standard, Rice would ‘prefer’ a move to Chelsea, even with all the controversy and uncertainty. That’s what you call a real Cobham product.

The Blue’s had released Rice when he was just 14 years old, yet his heart still remains set on a return. It’s possible that his best friend Mason Mount may have convinced him to make a move. Agent Mount is working hard for the club on and off the pitch.

Jokes aside, he has made his stance clear, and Chelsea is the preferred choice. Hopefully, we will one day see him in that blue shirt as he is one transfer that I’d hate to watch one of our rivals attain. Let’s hope that the transfer window is kind to the Blues and that we can participate in it when the time comes.

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