October 3, 2023


The Chelsea sale saga is something that is becoming truly exhausting now for all involved.

You can safely assume now that everyone, from Thomas Tuchel to the fans, just want this whole story to reach it’s ending now and the new owners just to be announced and in through the door.

There has been nothing but drama and delays within this whole process and it has felt just like a political campaign.

The latest bit of news on the ownership takeover just about proves the above sentence as well, with ‘last-minute dirty tricks’ now coming in to play, according to The Telegraph.

They claim that the consortium fronted by Stephen Pagliuca have been left mystified by a claim they are set to be eliminated from the Chelsea bidding amid fears over a last-minute dirty tricks campaign.

Raine Group have dismissed a report claiming there had been a late change to the process that would see Pagliuca’s bid rejected this week and the bidding narrowed down to two.


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