June 3, 2023

Co-proprietor Jonathan Goldstein converses with Bloomberg television
Chelsea co-proprietor Jonathan Goldstein gave a selective meeting to (Chelsea fan) Francine Lacqua of Bloomberg television on Friday, and one of the points in the (clearly) business-driven visit that surfaced momentarily was that of the arena. As we review, some portion of the offering system was a particular “restricting responsibility” to redevelop Stamford Extension — be that reserve stand or as a total revamp — and Goldstein, as a prominent London-based property designer, is the individual accountable for that cycle now.
Nonetheless, with the attention, such a long way on (totally) rearranging both the football and the business sides of the club’s tasks, the arena cycle is as of now still in its earliest stages. Goldstein’s trusting that in a year he will have better and more substantial responses.
“That is one of the extraordinary inquiries [but] there is no current arranging authorization on the site. There was an arranging consent. It’s passed, so we need to begin once more. We are toward the start of that interaction.
“There are two other options. You either redevelop the current arena or bring it down and construct another one on the site. We’re exceptionally attached to Stamford Scaffold — the Chelsea Pitch Proprietors are essential for that cycle. So we’re going through our instructive interaction. We will then talk with fans, talk with nearby specialists, and I would trust throughout the following year, I will want to let you know how [we will proceed].”
“Current we’re centered around understanding the territory, understanding what we got at Stamford Extension, and attempting to expand the open door and energy for the fans.”
-Jonathan Goldstein; source: Bloomberg Television
You can watch the full meeting here or simply the Chelsea segment here. What’s more, on the off chance that you haven’t, this moment is as great an opportunity as any to join the CPO and have something to do with this too. (I for one hold out trust that the Basilica of Football plans will get restored, even after the arranging consent two or quite a while back after the actual plans were required to be postponed in 2018.)

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