October 3, 2023

Chelsea fans want that dream manifesto from their new owner to be accepted, and it looks something like this

Another week goes by where Chelsea’s new owners have not yet been confirmed, but we are making some good headway. The choices have been narrowed down, and whilst the multiple consortiums have become blurred in my mind, I can’t help but wonder why the keys to the Bridge haven’t been given to me. I mean, besides the fact that I am not a billionaire, I think I’d do a great job at taking ownership.

If I had the money, forget about a consortium. I’d be the sole owner, the puppet master, and I’d make sure that Chelsea remains great. Let’s dive into dreamland and let me know where my Chelsea would end up.

First things first, any step I take would be to maintain the stellar recent history of the football club. I promise you my plans would be far better than Daniel Childs’ and would probably embarrass Jake Stokes’ too.

Think of Tottenham’s stadium. A stadium ironically fit for champions, right? Now imagine it with the blue bannisters, blue padded seats across the terraces. Seats painted out to spell Carefree Chelsea on both ends of the stadium.

Not only will I ensure 60,000 max capacity, but I will also make sure that there is enough space between seats so that we can actually sit without our elbows touching and knees in your back.

We have the Matthew Harding, West Stand, East stand, Shed end, Westview, but it’s time to introduce the Didier Drogba Level. The highest stand with an immaculate view to encapsulate the heights of his dynasty at Chelsea. For those who love that God-tier birds-eye view, this new stand is for you.

For the ladies of the Bridge, how do more toilets sound for you? Each stand I visit, it feels as though there are only 2-3 toilets. I would raise the bar and double it to encourage more women to come to matches.

That’s not all; the teeny food courts that we squash ourselves into at half-time will be extended. For those lucky enough to have visited the West View stand, you’ll know what I mean. Mini Wembley like food courts to give us more space and quicker turnarounds for food. This brings me to my next point.

Pizza’s every single matchday

If you didn’t already know, West View stand serves pizzas. Why should that be only subject to those who pay a bit extra for their tickets? We should have pizzas everywhere. The luxury burgers and chips served in that end should be placed all around.

And for the residential West Viewers, expect another food upgrade for yourself to maintain the exclusivity. How about half-time PS5/XBOX challenges on the concourses.

A variety of kits provided per season would be absolutely amazing. Sometimes, the home, away, and third kits may not be enough for a fan or may not look good enough for some to buy. For example, this season saw a rise in social media complaints regarding the home shirt and third kit. However, the new training kit is a gem. Kits that are fashionable and look great to wear with our unique styles would be on the agenda.

Also, cheeky nostalgia special edition kits to remind us of the good old days. I wouldn’t mind a modern-day replica of Chelsea’s 1998 Autoglass shirt.

For those who are into replicas, how about a competition where the best replica will be chosen, and the designer will have a cut in selling their shirt via the Chelsea website.

Rudiger contract

Lastly, and most definitely my first order of business. Let’s get Antonio Rudiger’s signature, shall we and a blank cheque for Thomas Tuchel to spend in the transfer window.

Back to reality now. It’ll be interesting to see who Chelsea decides to choose as their new owner. One thing is for sure the fan base has a unanimous distrust for the Rickett family, who are said to be considered. To find out more, follow the hashtag on Twitter, #NotoRicketts.

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