October 5, 2023

Armando Broja may not be able to return from his ruptured ACL before the conclusion of the season, but he is hoping to play in pre-season for Chelsea, according to the Evening Standard.
The 21-year-old merely had surgery in December, but he has been slowly increasing his training levels for at least the previous few months as he continues to make excellent recovery progress. ACL recovery times vary from athlete to athlete, but a six- or seven-month rehab would put Broja toward the bottom of the normal range.

Frank Lampard calls up 19-year-old youngster to Chelsea first-team training, he’s yet to make debut

If Broja can return for the entire summer schedule (which will include at least two weeks in the United States and five friendlies), it will undoubtedly benefit his prospects under any new manager, but especially Mauricio Pochettino, who is known for intense training sessions that emphasize fitness levels — especially in preseason.

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Chelsea decide they don’t want to sign £60m player now, they’ve cooled their interest

The position of starting first-choice striker is up for grabs right now!

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