June 3, 2023

It’s crunch time now for potential new buyers of Chelsea Football Club, and there are many parties potentially looking to take the club on from Roman Abramovich.

A lot has been said over recent days regarding who actually makes the final decision of where the club will be going to. Some claim it will be the UK Government, others say Raine Group, the ones handling the sale, and some have said it falls on Roman Abramovich’s decision.

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It’s probably a mixture of all of them to be honest if you really look into it. But one bidder, Sir Martin Broughton, has claimed that it is actually current chairman Bruce Buck and director Marina Granovskaia who will decide who wins the club.

Broughton, as reported by The Times, says that once 3 or 4 bidding groups have been selected, the proposals will be placed under further scrutiny before one consortium is chosen by those mentioned above as well as Eugene Tenenbaum.

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