February 23, 2024
Best Universities in Scotland

Scotland, the country of haggis, caber-tossing, and the world’s largest annual arts festival, is renowned for its diverse history, rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural scenery, unique national customs, and unmistakable regional dialects. Is studying in the UK’s northernmost region appealing to you? According to the QS World University Rankings® 2021, these are the top Best Universities in Scotland.


Edinburgh University

The institution of Edinburgh, which has been a part of Scotland’s capital city since 1583, is the sixth-oldest institution in the English-speaking world and is ranked first among the best universities in Scotland at 20th in the world.

The university’s “old town,” with its buildings from the Reformation era and a preserved mediaeval street pattern, seems to have been trapped in time. Edinburgh’s reputation as a centre of knowledge and a thriving cultural hub that supports comedy and fringe theatre is greatly enhanced by the University of Edinburgh. This creative energy then contributes to the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which takes place in August.


Glasgow University

The institution of Glasgow, founded in 1451, is the fourth-oldest institution in the English-speaking world and the home of Scotland’s oldest public museum and biggest university by student population.

The University of Glasgow is situated in Glasgow’s West End’s Hillhead neighbourhood, which is well-known for its fashion and cultural variety. It is ranked equal 77th in the world. The city may now rival Edinburgh as Scotland’s cultural capital because to its tastefully furnished modern but down-to-earth bars and clubs that appeal to the Glaswegian spirit of fun and complement its Victorian architecture.

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University of St Andrews

The oldest of the four “ancient universities of Scotland,” the University of St. Andrews, was established in 1410 and currently enrols about 9,224 students. In 2021, it was rated 96th in the world and 17th among the best institutions in the United Kingdom.

Located in rural Fife on Scotland’s east coast, St Andrews is a tiny town known for its university, where over 33% of the town’s residents work or study. It is also well-known for its golf course. The communal spirit here is unrivalled, with the institution taking centre stage in local affairs.


Aberdeen University

According to the QS World University Rankings this year, the University of Aberdeen is placed 207th in the world and has a lengthy history that dates back to 1495.

One of the most affordable cities for students is Aberdeen, which also provides a plethora of activities and attractions, many of which are free to explore, such the Maritime Museum and the Aberdeen Art Gallery.

Situated in the Old Aberdeen neighbourhood, two miles north of the city centre, the main King’s College campus of the University of Aberdeen is home to an 11-acre botanical garden and a £57 million state-of-the-art library that opened its doors in 2012.

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University of Strathclyde

Located in Glasgow, the institution of Strathclyde is Scotland’s third-largest institution by total enrollment, with about 15,600 undergraduate students.
The University of Strathclyde, which was established in 1796 and is currently rated 300th in the world, is renowned for its creative and enterprising spirit.
Glasgow’s employment and investment prospects are projected to increase with the establishment of the university’s Technology and Innovation Centre, which “revolutionises the way researchers in academia and industry collaborate and innovate together.”


Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University, which was founded in 1821 and is based in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is rated equal 301st in the world. The institution moved to the beautiful neighbourhood of Riccarton, some six miles outside the city centre, in the 1990s after formerly being based only in the city centre.
Situated on 380 acres of parkland, the new campus is home to some of the top sports facilities in the area. Heriot-Watt has a sizable foreign student population; of the 9,615 students enrolled on its UK campuses, 34% are international.

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University of Dundee

Situated in the heart of Dundee city centre, the University of Dundee is ranked 319th in the world in 2021 and has the nicest campus in Scotland. Thanks to a recent £200 million renovation programme, many of the university’s buildings are quite contemporary.
Situated on the eastern shore of Scotland’s central lowlands, Dundee gained notoriety as the city of “jute, jam, and journalism” during the 1800s due to its industrial growth. You might be surprised to hear that Dundee enjoys the mildest climate in the area and is regarded as Scotland’s sunniest city.


Stirling University

The University of Stirling, one of the more recent establishments on our ranking of the best universities in Scotland, was established by royal charter in 1967. Situated about two miles outside of Stirling city centre, the institution is ranked equal 485th in the world. Stirling Castle, perched atop the plug of an extinct volcano, offers an amazing perspective from above and below.
The city itself encircles the castle; the lower ground offers modernism and commercialism in a metropolis that blends the finest of the old and contemporary, while the high ground is renowned for its conserved Victorian Gothic architecture. In 2019, Stirling was named the UK’s most economical city as well.





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