June 6, 2023

As we now sit here impatiently waiting for yet another deadline before even being close to finding out who the new owners of Chelsea FC will be, more gloomy news comes out about one of the parties.

Chelsea fans have been making themselves heard in recent weeks on social media, putting their options across on all parties bidding on the club.

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But there has been one party who have largely been very unpopular amongst the Chelsea fan base for many reasons, The Ricketts Family.

However, despite this, Raine Group, the ones handling the sale of the club, want to sell to The Ricketts Family, according to The Athletic today.

The report believes that the Ricketts family ticks every box: they are rich, they are backed by somebody in Ken Griffin who is even richer, they have experience of running a big sports team from a major city, they have developed that team’s historic home and created an entertainment district adjacent to the stadium, and they have enjoyed sporting success.

Luckily though, the decision does not solely rest with Raine Group, and we can remain hopeful that the others read the room here.

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