October 5, 2023

Community player ratings from Chelsea’s second progressive huge win against AC Milan
1. MASON MOUNT (8.5)
The game was successfully over as a contest after Tomori’s red card, constrained by Mount’s movement and strength, yet that is as yet a testament to the group for taking consideration of business. We’ve previously won a game ourselves with only ten men this season, so dislike it’s unheard of to not have an early red card be a definitive final knockout.
That Mount didn’t even play the second half, both to rest and to likewise not risk a second yellow from a card-cheerful ref, and still easily and overwhelmingly win the Man of the Match grant from any eyewitnesses, is very tremendous.
Hopefully, this structure continues until essentially the World Cup.
2. REECE JAMES (7.8)
Reece defeats Aubameyang for the second spot, by a very narrow margin, however, more importantly, it sounds like his knee injury is only a minor one that won’t keep him out for more than two or three weeks.
OK, so the front flips need a touch of work for consistent clean landings, so ideally P-EA continues to score and consequently will continue to rehearse them. That is three in three consecutive games for Chelsea’s most recent No.9!
versus AC MILAN (CL, A, W 2-0)
EXCELLENT (8.0-8.9): Mount (8.5)
Great (7.0-7.9): James (7.8), Aubameyang (7.8), Silva (7.7), Jorginho (7.5), Kovačić (7.5), Koulibaly (7.4), Arrizabalaga (7.3), Chalobah (7.2)
Normal (6.0-6.9): Chilwell (6.8), Loftus-Cheek (6.8, sub), Gallagher (6.7, sub), Azpilicueta (6.6, sub), Sterling (6.4), Havertz (6.1, sub), Cucurella (6.1, sub)
POOR (5.0-5.9): —
Terrible (4.0-4.9): —
Awful (3.0-3.9): —
Generally speaking

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