October 3, 2023

The Chelsea Football Club sale is now in it’s endgame, according to reports this week.

As bidders go and meet with the club’s execs one more time this week to deliver their final pitches, a decision is expected to be communicated very soon now and the hope is still by the end of this week.

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Thomas Tuchel, and his assistant Zsolt Low, have this week been telling those around Declan Rice that they are both ‘massive fans’ of the midfielder.

The three remaining suitors to buy the club will be getting ‘a steal’ according to one of the execs handling the sale for Roman Abramovich.

Joe Ravitch made a startling, and unsupported, claim about Chelsea’s value, according to The New York Times this week.

“My guess is that Chelsea and all of the top Premier League clubs will probably be worth in excess of $10 billion in five years,” he said, in what was reported by the NYT as a bid to drive the sales price even higher. “So I think whoever buys Chelsea today at the prices we’re talking about is getting it for a steal.”

Regardless of all of that, Chelsea fans are now in a position where they just want to see the club under new ownership, whoever that may be, to provide some stability and normality moving forward.



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