February 23, 2024

Although Sweden has numerous advantages and is surrounded by gorgeous landscape, attending college there is very expensive.

While Sweden provides free education to students from the EU and EEA, foreign students seeking bachelor’s and master’s degrees must pay expensive tuition fees. Although the tuition for these colleges is considerable, they are among the most affordable in Sweden.

Interestingly, international students can get financial assistance from Swedish colleges through a variety of scholarship programs. However, as only a small number of applications will be accepted, the applications submitted through these scholarship sites are extremely competitive.

If you’re interested in learning more about institutions in Sweden with the highest acceptance rates, you can see that a significant portion of their applicants are accepted.

You will learn about the most affordable Swedish universities for overseas students by reading this post. Let’s review some information first!

Sweden’s Affordable Universities for Foreign Students

1. Stockholm University

The range of tuition fees is SEK 96,000 to SEK 154,000 per year.
Situated in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm University has emerged as a preeminent academic institution in Europe. This well-known university generates large sums of money that are allocated to research and international cooperation. Science is the area of expertise at Stockholm University, so be sure to look it up if you’re interested. Stockholm University is the least expensive university in Sweden for overseas students, with tuition starting at USD 10,000.

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While graduate students at Stockholm University have access to a large number of master’s courses, the university does not offer many undergraduate courses. In addition, if approved, doctorate students receive compensation.

2. Uppsala University

The range of tuition fees is SEK 117,000 to SEK 155,000 per year.
Another affordable university in Sweden is Uppsala University, which constantly ranks in the top 100 worldwide and continues to demonstrate its greatness by producing graduates with promise. Uppsala institution, the first institution founded in Sweden and one of the oldest in the Nordic region, has numerous historical customs that are only known to incoming students. Since the master’s program consists of so many courses, you can find all the programs at this website. You must click on the master’s program you are interested in, then select the admissions part. The tuition charge will be included in that area. This will tell you the exact tuition cost.

Even for overseas students, there is no tuition for a Ph.D. Profit from it and best of luck!

3. Karolinska Institutet

The range of tuition fees is SEK 191,000 to SEK 212,000 per year.
The Karolinska Institutet, regarded as one of the best medical schools in the world, keeps making significant advances in medicine that enhance people’s health.

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Furthermore, a portion of the Karolinska Institutet’s (KI) faculty still chooses each year’s Nobel laureates in medicine and physiology.

As you may know, Norwegian or Swedish universities are the venues for the awarding of Nobel prizes, and the KI has the unique privilege of choosing the winners of these prizes each and every year. The Nobel Assembly has given the Karolinska Institutet the authority to select the recipients of its scientific awards based on their standing in the medical field.

As previously stated, there is no tuition for the Ph.D. programs, and there are options to finance your education while in Sweden through work-study and scholarships. The tuition for KI is more expensive because this university is a medical school.

4. Lund University
Range of Tuition Fees: SEK 106,000 per annum

Among the best universities in the world, Lund University of Sweden was established in 1666 and focuses mostly on research. Due to its reasonable tuition, Lund University is included in our ranking of the best universities in Sweden for overseas students.

This Swedish institution welcomes international students despite its strong research investment, since it presently enrolls students from 70 different nations. Furthermore, Lund is home to two of the best research institutions in the world and maintains a stellar reputation as a premier research university.

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You can get the general rules for tuition prices by clicking the link above, however this site lists the tuition costs for each individual program. You will need to select your major after clicking on it, and the tuition cost will be shown in the part below that page.

Even for overseas students, there are no tuition costs for PhD programs.


5. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The range of tuition fees is SEK 130,000 for undergraduate students and SEK 165,000 for graduate students.

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology is the last contender among Sweden’s least expensive universities. The institute, which is Sweden’s largest technical university and one of the best in engineering and technology, continues to accept a huge number of bright and talented students. Furthermore, KTH is one of the top universities for engineering and science, and its primary source of funding is research.

Similar to the university mentioned above, KTH hires doctorate students, thus if you are approved, the university will pay you instead of you! I hope this was helpful, and good luck!

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